2020 Colors Of The Year

We've rounded up paint companies' color of the year. 

Things are leaning blue in a big way. 



Today's Trendiest Houseplants








8 Design Trends of 2020

We've got our eyes on what interior design trends will be hot in 2020. Here is our list of eight that we think will be everywhere!






Reasons Why We Love Melrose. (And You Should Too!)

There are SO many reasons to love the beautiful city of Melrose. The farmers market at Bowden Park is just one of the perks we get to enjoy. The Mary Scimemi team took a break and spent the afternoon eating delicious food and listening to live music!



☼The farmers market is also a great place to catch up with friends.☼

☼Running into Hiedi and My was the highlight of this great day!☼        




If you have the chance go stop by the farmers market to support your wonderful city of Melrose.


Northeast Animal Shelter

Our team did our yearly visit to the Northeast Animal Shelter and was lucky enough to meet three special dogs: Whisper, Stuart, and Remy. 


These are just a few of the dogs that need a forever home. 

If you don't have the time and resources to care for a pet but you still want to help you can always make a donation to the shelter. They are always in need of blankets, towels, cat litter, dog and cat food, paper towels, and toys. Just spending some time with them is worth the trip. Their website has all the information about ways to help. 

Are you tired of the hassle of rental property ownership?